Arcadian Argonauts

Rudy's Diary Entry 1

Dear diary,

Rudy here. Been a while. Sorry for not keeping in touch. Things been busy, you understand.

Lets see. Latest updates. A group of changers broke my roof but they fixed it, I say it aint as good as used to be on account of now it looks all new. This ruins my dekore decor because the rest of Shay Rudy is still a shithole but they made an effort so it is all good. Rudy did not know what a changer was and still does not really but am getting the gist of it. It is a learning expedience for all.

Little Girl had a magic locket or something and in a supprise surprise to everybody she was a missing girl that Rudy was looking for. Also she is rich. The magic locket also involved a man with a carriage who emerged from a solid wall, only he was not a man, he was some kinda octopus (?) but Rudy and co. defeated him with axes and lesser wepons. After that we went to a carnival. Rudy lost gratiously gave away victory in an axe competition to a sweaty man named Murk. He looked like he needed the win. Also wrestled the gym fruit. Rudy won but no surprise there. Werewolves were there also and joined Rudy and co. but Rudy does not trust them. They will probably eat one of the changers soon, either Little Girl or Rodney most likely because Little Girl is a little girl and so is Rodney in many ways, he is smart but is frajile fradgil breaks easily.

Most recently the changers + Rudy came under suspition of one of the changer Courtrooms and therefor had to find a man named Redballs only Rudy did not want to do this on account of there was nothing in it for him. On trying to get a favour from the Autum Courtroom Rudy met with a very rude reseptinist secratery desklady, would likely hit her except for the fact that she is a lady (but is not ladylike). Shame bout the favour tho. Really thought Rudy was going to find him this time diary but Rudy might get that favour yet. If anybody can do it the Autum Courtroom can do it.

Anyway Rudy had some business to take care of so he missed what happened next but he hears the werewolves died. Good riddance Rudy says. Throw their bodies in the woods and let some other wolves eat em Rudy says, that would show them. Also Redballs was returned to the Courtroom but Rudy was not there to object so what could be done. In other news Bearmelius is nearly trained! So that is some good news. Well that is all for now diary. See you again soon maybe.



(PS Bearmelius is the horse-bear-dragon Rudy found in some place called the Hedge, Rudy thought he dreamed it at first but the changers say no, it is a true real place)



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