Arcadian Argonauts

The Fall


Jeff and Calisto continued their journey into the hedge, following Redfall’s blood trail. When they did finally come to a clearing the ground was soaked with blood. Jeff recognized the location as where he was originally bitten and turned into a werewolf. He also recognized two lupine figures creeping through the bushes. After a failure to communicate with the insane beasts, a fight ensued. The battle was bloody, flesh being ripped from bone by tooth and claw. In the end, the hedge-wolves claimed two more victims.

Realme saw only the result; desperately trying to save the lives of her new friends through a veil of tears, there was nothing she could do as the other wolves were still feasting upon Jeff and Calisto’s bodies. She ran, finding Lamf and Rod and escaping back into the safety of earth.

The motley turned to Autumn Court for assistance, asking for information as to what their next move should be. Clockwork himself answered their plea with the revelation that he must have escaped into the old burned-down Red Badge facility. The group, fueled by loss and vengeance, took the bus into the facility.

That’s where they found him and met Whitewash for the first time, laying in a pool of blood on the floor, barely conscious. Whitewash tried to get out of there through reasoning with the group. When that ultimately failed, he tried to escape by running but was abruptly brought down by Rod’s arrow. Rod, Realme and Lamf then brought him aboard the bus and tried to sedate and secure him. That’s when Redfall resumed control; Roots burst from the ground and immobilized the bus and shattering the windows. Red attempted an escape by once again transforming into leaves but was brought down by a quick thinking Realm, grabbing what she could before they flew out the window. The damage to Red’s body completely incapacitated him. Ultimately, the group freed the bus from the foliage, secured Redfall and the Apple as well.

Upon returning both Red and the Apple to Autumn court, the three of them were rewarded with the goodwill of Autumn court and a sliver of respect from Clockwork himself.



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