Arcadian Argonauts

The Resurrection

Enter Skid, a strong and wealthy biker babe who lives for thrills. She sits in COLORS, sipping on whiskey and eating a nice dish of red. Reggie plops down beside her looking obviously upset. He tells her the story of the loss of his friend, the werewolf Jeff, and the troubling uncertainty of his disappearance. She offers to help find his body and enlists the friend of her “friend”, a pit-fighting mortal known only as Rahk. Armed with a talisman that prevents him from losing his mind in the hedge, the two of them cross into the goblin market to discover the fate of Reggie’s lost companion.

In the market is where they happen upon Rudy, looking rather lost and trying to find his way into the stable which houses the hobgoblin Bearmelius. the group decided to team up and assist each other, which took the form of destroying Lumpybottom’s shop to free their new pet hobgoblin. After then terrorizing the local merchants to collect information about Jeff’s whereabouts, they set off down a path toward the place of Jeff’s supposed demise.

Along the path, they encounter creatures of the hedge, a Vileshrike (which they make short work of) and the two wolves that had attacked Calisto and Jeff. After chasing down and eviscerating the already wounded wolves, the group carried on to find a cave. Bearmelius, too big to enter, was left behind. The group pressed on, deep into the cave encountering a massive number of Wyrd-Mites (colloquially known as “Hedge crabs”) swarming over a body. The three then stood facing a massive, glowing crab. Rudy attempted to make an escape route through a crack in the wall while Skid and Rahk split the crab in half. Wolves began to stream through the opening in the wall and the group took off, Jeff’s body in tow. Skid fell upon receiving too many bites from the attacking animals. Eventually, Rudy and Rahk managed to axe their way through the pack and escape the darkness of the cave.

Rahk, not persuaded the obvious charm of Prometheans, left his companions behind in the care of Rudy to find his own way out of the hedge. He never made it to the market. Rudy, Jeff and Skid did however return to COLORS and survived the ordeal, Skid survived bearing a few scars and a bruised ego, and Jeff, having barely managed to cling to life for so long, had a very difficult recovery but did survive under the care of Reggie. He wasn’t about to let his friend die again.



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